The new normal of remote work has drastically changed how our homes look and function. For some, it’s dining tables adorned with laptops, papers, and coffee mugs. To others, it’s a makeshift office nook in one corner of the bedroom. With work being an integral part of home life, many want a more conducive environment for productivity and rest. 

Why a Greenery-Filled Home is Conducive for Work from Home

Interestingly, the dawn of the work-from-home era amid the pandemic comes with the collective fondness for including nature in our personal spaces. Embracing plant parenting, most people have designed their homes with all kinds of greens and blooms. Others channeled #TeamKahoy aesthetics, using natural materials in almost every part of the home. 

It’s no surprise that love for all things nature became more popular in the age of working from home. A greenery-filled home and community create the perfect environment for coping with the demands of remote work. Here are some of the specific ways:

The Greenery Helps You Focus

It’s no secret that being around plants puts people in a pleasant mood. The benefit, however, doesn’t stop there. The calming effect of greenery can help improve concentration. Fractals, the complex patterns and geometric shapes you see in plants, trigger a relaxed, yet alert state. This explains why you go back to work recharged after a few minutes of strolling in the garden.

If you’re on the search for a greenery-filled home in the metro, one community that stands out is Sorrento Oasis, a condo project under Aspire by Filinvest. The residential enclave located in Pasig is an urban oasis with 60 percent of the land area dedicated to lush open spaces and relaxing amenities. It has aesthetic influences from the Italian town Sorrento, famous for hosting amazing sunsets and refreshing surroundings.

Sorrento Oasis – Actual Photo

When you’re stuck in a creative rut, or struggling to finish tasks, you can easily drop by the amenity deck and walk along the trellised walking paths and green corridor of the neighborhood to recharge. 

It Encourages Unplugging

A home filled with greenery promotes hobbies that will get you away from screens. For instance, if you have a mini garden in your condo balcony, you need to do maintenance tasks, such as watering, trimming, weeding, fertilizing, and more. These activities are therapeutic, reducing anxiety and stress. Clearly, unplugged hobbies are necessary for dealing with the pressures of work from home.

In Sorrento Oasis, you can discover more unplugged hobbies as its nature-oriented amenity deck presents plenty of leisure opportunities. In fact, the activities go beyond enjoying nature. 

Sorrento Oasis’ Swimming Pool – Actual Photo

For instance, you can exercise at the lap pool, the gym, or the basketball or tennis court after sitting all day in front of the computer. If you want to have some bonding time with the kids, go to the music and game rooms, the play parks, or the kiddie pools. But if you’re in for some quiet nightcap, drop by the meditation pad.

Right within your actual unit in Sorrento Oasis, you can also pursue different hobbies. The spacious, ready-for-occupancy two-bedroom units provide living spaces for your lifestyle routines. 

It Promotes Comfort

Greenery in cities is considered essential, as it reduces the urban heat island effect. Some plants also serve as sound barriers, lessening the noise pollution. Both of these functions create a comfortable, quiet environment, the most ideal setting for work from home. In Sorrento Oasis, you can experience this idyllic home even in the middle of a hyper-cosmopolitan city — while still enjoying the modern conveniences.

Sorrento Oasis – Actual Photo

While filled with nature spaces, Sorrento Oasis is close to essential establishments, including malls, hospitals, and Pasig’s commercial district, the Ortigas Center. The nearest shopping centers are Tiendesitas, SM Megamall, and Robinsons Galleria. The Medical City and Medical Plaza are the closest medical institutions. Shopping for groceries or attending doctor’s appointments in between your online meetings won’t be a hassle when you live in this centrally located development.

Comfort in Sorrento Oasis isn’t only defined by its tranquil, nature-oriented environment, but also by its excellent location.

A greenery-filled home may be what you need to best navigate the new normal of work from home. Discover productivity and recreation in a fresh, new way at Sorrento Oasis. Learn about the exclusive deals and discounts on the development at the Lamudi Online Housing Fair. 

Source: Lamudi