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Experience Nature-Inspired Luxury: House and Lots for Sale in Laguna

Settling into a house and lot in Laguna is an inspiring move that can help you be set for the rest of your and your loved ones’ lives. Why is this so? In Laguna, the opportunities are boundless as the province continues to attract progressive developments while retaining the idyllic mountain and lake surroundings many of its residents have come to cherish. Furthermore, there’s also easy access to excellent educational and medical facilities, making the quality of life in the area just as excellent as in the big cities. 

House And Lot For Sale In Laguna

But how did this province known for its natural and economic abundance exactly come to be? Laguna can trace its historical origins to the 15th century, when Spanish colonizers named the province after its major lake, Laguna de Bay, which forms in the province’s northern boundary. 

Since then, Laguna has developed many of its sectors and has become one of the richest provinces in the Philippines, according to the Commission on Audit Annual Financial Reports. This includes its well-known poultry farms, artisan woodcarvers, and eventually, manufacturing, retail, and tourism sectors, made even better by its proximity to Metro Manila. As such, it has become both a gateway and getaway destination that city dwellers flock to while also being a major hub of trade that supplies important agricultural and industrial products to other parts of the country. 

A Laidback Hub for Transport, Commerce, and Nature 

Due to its strategic location in Southern Luzon, Laguna is home to several economic and transport hubs that can make for an exciting and highly lucrative lifestyle for you and your family, while enjoying its cleaner and more serene communities. 

Laguna is one of the country’s flagbearer when it comes to manufacturing, being home to 21 different Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) approved business parks. They house some of the world’s leading electronics, automotive, consumer product, food processing, and pharmaceutical companies making for a commerce-friendly climate that gives the province plenty of job opportunities.

House In Laguna

Laguna’s business process outsourcing industry is one to watch too, as corporations like IBM and Convergys have set up offices in the province. For passionate game developers looking to make their mark in the video gaming world, the province is also home to a Ubisoft office, proving Laguna’s potential to headquarter many other world-class companies. Plus, malls are aplenty, where you can find all of the major mall operators dotted throughout Laguna, giving you the convenience to shop for anything you need without leaving the province. 

Laguna is also home to many excellent institutions, including campuses of the country’s major universities. This includes the University of the Philippines – Los Baños and De La Salle University – Laguna which are both known for their expertise in agriculture, technology, and business. Your younger kids can be enrolled as well in secondary private schools like Colegio de San Agustin – Biñan and the nearby St. Scholastica’s College Westgrove in Silang.

Truly, the opportunities to better oneself through learning are here in Laguna. 

Laguna House for Sale 
University of the Philippines – Los Baños 

Top-notch healthcare is also within reach in the province, as residents can drive on over to the Asian Hospital and Medical Center in Alabang to have their medical needs fulfilled, or visit other institutions in Laguna such as the highly esteemed Westlake Medical Center in San Pedro and the new QualiMed Hospital in Sta. Rosa. Now, improving your health and wellness is just a stone’s throw away.

Should you wish to get away from it all, however, Laguna has a network of roads to get you to your next out-of-town destination. It is connected to the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX), helping you travel more easily to the Metro or Batangas for school, work, or leisure. Other major thoroughfares are also present in the province for you to travel on (whether by bus or private vehicle), such as the Cavite-Laguna Expressway which connects you to Tagaytay City, and the Daang Maharlika Highway which can lead you down to the Bicol Region. 

Pagsanjan Falls
Pagsanjan Falls 

On the flip side, a stay in Laguna also means unhindered access to pristine natural wonders. Who could ever forget their childhood field trip to the Pagsanjan Falls, for instance? Or the picturesque scenery of Laguna de Bay? Most iconic of all is the majestic Mt. Makiling that seemingly guards over the surrounding fields while providing the famous hot springs tourists have flocked to for decades. For a province that’s highly urbanized, living in Laguna is balanced out by a sense of natural serenity. 

The Advantages of Buying a Laguna House and Lot 

Wider, open spaces 

Your dreams of settling into a quality home where you can enjoy wider, more open spaces can be made possible in the province of Laguna. With its fresh air, scenic mountain and lake views, and natural surroundings, your family can stay healthy and enjoy a holistic lifestyle. 

Easy transport links to the rest of Luzon 

Moving to a house and lot in Laguna puts the rest of Luzon within your grasp. Try choosing an accessible property near the major roads (such as SLEX and Daang Maharlika) to enjoy this strategic advantage. That way, you can have more route options when traveling, avoid traffic jams, and enjoy highly appreciating property values in the years to come. 

Abundant commercial and IT facilities 

As a booming commercial hub, Laguna has all of the commercial establishments you need to continue living the work-live-play lifestyle you’ve become used to, especially when you live in a community that’s been designed to be conveniently located near such areas in the first place. Aside from that, the province also enjoys strong internet backbone, including fiber connection, setting you up for productive remote work opportunities. 

Safety and security 

To guarantee better safety, try choosing a house and lot in Laguna that’s situated in a subdivision. With its 24/7 security, guards will be surveilling the community round the clock to ensure your peace of mind. 

Think Laguna is The Place to Pursue your Dream Lifestyle? 

Live your dream life with Aspire by Filinvest, one of the Philippines’ most trusted property developers. Here in Laguna, we have a selection of contemporary and scenic communities that can help you begin your journey to your dream lifestyle. They are all close to nature, with verdant open spaces and refreshing amenities for that healthy and laidback South lifestyle. 

South Peak 

House and Lot in Laguna South Peak

An awe-inspiring community with three Modern Asian-style enclaves, South Peak gives you exceptional views of Taal Lake, Laguna de Bay, and Mt. Banahaw. Right at your doorstep and balcony, you are surrounded by nature while also never being too far away from accessing life’s necessities. Weekend rest and relaxation are also made possible as South Peak has a variety of amenities for all ages: including a pool, children’s playground, and even basketball and tennis courts. For those working in nearby cities in Metro Manila or Southern Luzon, you’ll also be glad to know that South Peak is also just a short distance from SLEX and only a mere 10 minutes from the commercial hub of Alabang. 


Southwind house and lot for sale

Think tranquility is only possible when you’re on some remote exotic getaway? We have some good news for you: Our Southwind community can make this a reality for you every day. Located within our South Peak development in San Pedro, Southwind offers refreshing seclusion near Laguna’s most well-known natural landmarks.

Enjoy living in your chosen Modern Asian-style residence which features spacious living areas so everyone gets more room to breathe and lounge around. Plus, spending quality time here is also made easy as you’re given access to all the amenities South Peak has to offer, while also giving you exclusive use of its pavilion, adult and children’s swimming pools, and a play area and lawn for the kids and your animal companions. 

Nature-inspired Living at the Core of Aspire by Filinvest Communities 

Aspire by Filinvest offers well-crafted communities that enable young professionals and upwardly mobile families to thrive and flourish. Our Laguna projects invite them to take pleasure in our themed communities, with low-density environs, close to nature surroundings, and refreshing amenities. These communities are also located strategically, making for an accessible and highly lucrative property choice. 

Interested in settling in or investing in a Laguna Aspire by Filinvest property? Take the first step and call our sales hotline now, or sign up for a newsletter so you can receive updates about our latest real estate offerings. To learn more, head on over to our page for the full details. 

Aspire by Filinvest lets you live your dream life with all the space and greens you need – whether you’re in the heart of the city or thriving in the suburbs. Greening the way forward, Filinvest continues to build the Filipino dream with sustainable, future-forward principles that ensure healthy and quality living in the new normal and beyond. Click here to explore our horizontal communities nationwide. 

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