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Condo For Sale Cagayan De Oro:
Why You Should Invest in the City of Golden Friendship

Known as the ‘City of Golden Friendship,’ Cagayan de Oro is a major economic hub in Northern Mindanao and a sought-after adventure destination. Thanks to its bullish manufacturing sector and the country’s reopening to foreign tourists, the region’s well on its way to economic recovery. In fact, the National Economic Development Authority listed CDO as the country’s fourth metropolitan center by 2025 under the Philippine Development Plan.

Imagine having everything you need for your city lifestyle, alongside gorgeous views of forests and mountains while you work from home. Picture yourself immersing in a warm and friendly local culture that will put you more at ease. Indeed, it’s easy to find reasons to thrive here, which is why many are availing of the many properties or condos for sale in Cagayan de Oro.  

Condo for sale in Cagayan de Oro

One Oasis Cagayan de Oro

A mid-rise condo community that inspires healthy living and well-being – dedicating 60% of its property to resort-style amenities, lush open spaces, and smartly designed buildings with internet-ready studio, 1-bedroom, and 2-bedroom condo units.
Location: Rosario Limketkai Avenue, Brgy. Camaman-an, Cagayan de Oro 
Unit area: 22 - 31.83 sqm ± 

Interested in investing in a property in CDO? Read on to discover more about this progressive city. 

Economical Cost of Living

CDO’s cost of living is manageable and practical, especially for young professionals and growing families. Consumer prices here are particularly lower compared to the other major cities in the country, according to Numbeo, the online database of user-contributed information about the cost of living in cities around the world.

CDO cost of living

For instance, a three-course meal for two at a mid-range restaurant here in CDO costs 36% less than that of a night out in Makati. Other factors such as rent, groceries, and utility prices are also accessible, making it a great place to raise your family.

A Wealth of Modern Amenities to Enjoy

For a city with an economical cost of living, Cagayan de Oro still packs a punch in terms of its modern amenities. From malls and restaurants to schools and places of worship, the city has everything you need.

At the Central Business District come dusk, you’ll see a vibrant glow of buildings, nightlife, and large retail centers that’ll make you feel like there are plenty of exciting things happening in the area. And you’ll be proven correct as malls like Centrio Mall, Limketkai Center, and Robinsons Cagayan de Oro are here to fulfill your shopping needs.

Cagayan de Oro mall amenities

Meanwhile, the dining offerings in the city are also just as sophisticated, with renowned establishments like Bigby’s Cafe and Restaurant (known for their generous servings of seafood) and Cucina Higala (acclaimed for their humba and sinuglaw, both local Northern Mindanao fare) being popular among the locals.

Cagayan de Oro universities

Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan's “Campus of the Future” which will rise in uptown Cagayan de Oro in 2033
Photo courtesy of Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan Website 

When raising the kids, Cagayan de Oro can prove to be a worthwhile environment too, as it offers them quality education that’s within reach. This includes schools such as Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan, which offers a renowned education from basic K-12 schooling, up to college and graduate studies. Other prestigious institutions in the city include Capitol University, Liceo de Cagayan University, and PHINMA - Cagayan de Oro College. 

Quality Hospitals Within Your Reach

In need of some medical attention, or simply want to check on your wellness? Great care is within reach, as some of the best hospitals in Northern Mindanao can be found in Cagayan de Oro City. Among them is Capitol University Medical Center, one of the largest and leading institutions in the region. Another excellent choice is the Maria Reyna - Xavier University Hospital, which is connected to the namesake university and features cutting-edge treatments, such as nuclear medicine and a world-class eye center.

Abundant Natural Surroundings

When you’re seeking respite from work or needing some adrenaline rush, CDO offers the must-visit Cagayan River. Its 49 kilometers and 59 rapids are perfect for whitewater rafting. If you’re a photographer or an all-around nature lover, you will likely fall in love with Mapawa Nature Park. Here, you’ll discover picturesque waterfalls, stunning mountain views, and the tall treetops that dot the area.

whitewater rafting CDO

Mountaineers may want to add the city’s highest peak Mt. Nahilaran and its surrounding forest park to their bucket list. Take calm yet challenging hikes as you overlook Cagayan de Oro’s vibrant skyline – especially if it’s not covered in the cold fog. 

An Economic Rebound Awaits

Holding 27.1% of the economy of Northern Mindanao, it’s no denying that Cagayan de Oro is one of the region’s most important cities. With such a position, this means that there are plenty of opportunities you could reap – whether it’s through real estate or entrepreneurial investments. 

When you live here, you’ll be part of a major market where industries, like logistics, retail and trade, financial services, health, and higher education, thrive. In fact, Cagayan de Oro is home to PHIVIDEC Industrial Estate, the largest of its kind in the Philippines, housing large companies like the San Miguel Corporation, the Mindanao International Container Terminal Services, and even Fortune 500 companies like Coca-Cola.

factories in Cagayan de Oro

While affected by the COVID-19 pandemic like other places in the country, CDO is expected to bounce back once more along with the wider Northern Mindanao region. It projects up to 3.8% of economic growth in 2021 and has recorded the expansion of its manufacturing sector by 25%, giving it plenty of room to further develop amid the new normal. 

Indeed, if you’re an investor or a business owner, the prospects for Cagayan de Oro are bright. Today is the perfect time to take advantage of its thriving economy.

Available condominiums in Cagayan de Oro

What to Look Out for When Investing in a CDO Condo

With such advantages, it may be tempting to invest in just about any piece of property in Cagayan de Oro. However, to truly make the most out of the City of Golden Friendship, particularly if you’re an aspiring condo owner in the area, keep these things in mind before making the big jump:

1. Proximity to Major Roads & Districts

To make the most out of your potential condo investment, make sure your space is located near CDO’s major thoroughfares, where public transport is easily accessible. This way, major malls and establishments are only a short drive or commute away.

2. Picturesque Location

People come to Cagayan de Oro to escape the hustle and bustle of other cities. If you’re planning to settle here, it’s best to choose a location where you can breathe in the fresh air and admire the views of nearby forests or mountains.

3. Relaxing Environment

A move to CDO can mean a step up for your mental health and wellness – if you’re at the right place. Invest in a condo that offers a vacation ambience, with stylish architecture and calming interior design. Choose a home you’ll look forward to going home after a long day and finally put your feet up.

4. Healthy Amenities

The value of a condo property goes up depending on the quality of its amenities. Choose those with resort-inspired swimming pools, gardens, function areas, and a fitness center.

5. Low-Density Residence

When looking for a condo that exudes a sense of privacy and wellness, we recommend mid-rise communities. They have fewer units per floor than high-rises, giving you ample breathing room and social distance from other residents. Opt for internet-ready units, which can cater to your remote work or learning needs, with layouts that maximize each square meter.

What One Oasis Cagayan de Oro Can Offer You

An ideal urban sanctuary, One Oasis is worth considering for those looking to buy a condo in Cagayan de Oro.

Condo for sale CDO One Oasis

An Asian-Balinese-inspired condo community of mid-rise residential buildings, One Oasis Cagayan de Oro differentiates itself from typical city condos by being a place where you can enjoy holistic outdoor living. The sprawling 2.7-hectare resort-style property dedicates 60% of its land to walkable spaces and breathable amenities that inspire healthy living. Among these are swimming and kiddie pools, a basketball court, and a children’s play area.

Located at Rosario Limketkai Ave., Brgy. Camaman-an, One Oasis Cagayan de Oro is a stone’s throw away from several city landmarks. Among these are the Limketkai Center  (0.45 km), Mindanao University of Science and Technology (1 km), the Cogon Market (1.4 km), Gaisano Mall (1.9 km), and Capitol University (2.1 km), to name a few.

Think Investing in a Cagayan de Oro Condo is for You?

Live your dream at One Oasis Cagayan de Oro, developed by Aspire by Filinvest, one of the most reputable property developers in the country which has elevated the Filipinos’ way of living for generations. To know more about this condo and our other residential projects across the country, talk to us today!

Aspire by Filinvest lets you live your dream life with all the space and greens you need – whether you’re in the heart of the city or thriving in the suburbs. Greening the way forward, Filinvest continues to build the Filipino dream with sustainable, future-forward principles that ensure healthy and quality living in the new normal and beyond. Click here to explore our mid-rise communities nationwide.

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