The new year is now in full swing. As we enter the second year of the new normal, there is a clear need for all of us to make better financial decisions that would prepare us for a more resilient future. Among these decisions is starting investing in a lucrative real estate property in a promising Philippine city, like a house and lot in Butuan.

Lot for sale Butuan investment

Butuan is pumped and primed for growth. This makes property investments in Butuan rewarding – whether you want to transform your life this 2022 by moving or having an additional source of income.

House and lot for sale in Butuan

Filinvest Homes Butuan

The first themed residential community in the city where you and your loved ones can build your dream home amidst refreshing greens, leisure amenities, and low-density environs – all in a connected location.

Location : Brgy. Baan, Butuan City
Lot Area : 130 — 365 sqm ±

Fortunately here at Aspire by Filinvest, we’ve gathered some useful tips for first-time real estate investors like you.

Make sure your finances are in order

Investing in real estate is a major decision. This is why you may want to look into your current financial situation first. Look into flexible payment plans from banks: the larger the down payment, the fewer and lighter monthly payments you’ll have.

Begin researching

This can mean learning all about the fundamentals of becoming a landlord, from finding tenants to managing maintenance expenses. It’s best to find a couple of books around the subject, especially if they’re based on Philippine property laws and the local market.

Establish your investment criteria

Being a real estate investor means getting the best out of the numbers you have, which means you must also establish the ideal returns you want to achieve. You must also learn all about the different terms and acronyms used by people in the field, including cap rate, net operating income, and more.

Real estate for beginners

Find your ideal location

Better get things right the first time, especially when making a major financial move such as investing in real estate. While it may seem like investing in a place you know might be the most obvious choice, you may also want to look into emerging towns and cities that have growing economies and a promising workforce. That small initial investment may just result in some bigger returns.

Treat your property like a business

When you’re a real estate investor, you’re also an entrepreneur. This means it’s best to adopt a business mindset when it comes to running your property. Put a set of plans and systems into place first and look for milestones to set for the future so you can make a profit. You should also look at more than one property, comparing and contrasting instead of investing in the first house or condo you find most interesting.

Investing in real estate 2022

Find a mentor or community for advice

Chances are you may know someone in your network who also invests in property. Try scouting for people who have more experience than you as they may offer valuable insights or advice that could help you avoid any bumps along the way in your real estate investment journey. There are also plenty of online communities, such as that on Facebook and Reddit, where people trade different tips and tricks on how to smoothly and profitably operate their property investments.

Remember that relationships are key

While profit is the ultimate goal when it comes to investing in a property, most of the time, it’s in creating and maintaining relationships that get you there. Whether it’s in finding the right tenants for your space or getting in touch with contractors who can help upgrade your investment property even further, you have to communicate and provide your value to the people you encounter every step of the way. Now, wouldn’t that make everyone’s job and experience a little bit better?

Butuan property investment

Look into more reputable property developers

As the real estate sector in the Philippines is expected to make a significant recovery in 2022, according to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, many developers are expected to offer exciting new properties and lucrative rates to entice more potential investors. With plenty of choices at hand, it’s important to narrow down your selection to the more reputable developers known for their quality and expertise. This will greatly reduce any uncertainties you may have about your investment.

First time investing in a property? Consider a house and lot in Butuan.

Butuan is rapidly growing as a major trade and industry hub in the Caraga region. What better way to tap into Butuan’s potential by investing in Filinvest Homes Butuan, the first themed residential community in the city?

Thoughtfully-designed for quality new normal living, Filinvest Homes Butuan offers generous lot cuts amidst low-density environs, lush greens, and refreshing amenities. It also has a connected location in Brgy. Baan where daily needs are within reach.

Interested? Learn more about Filinvest Homes Butuan and inquire with us today!

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