How can you host a Christmas party in a condominium unit?
1.    Think about your guests
2.    Decorate your condo unit accordingly
3.    Delicious food is a must
4.    Come up with a simple program

When it comes to organizing a Christmas party, condominium units aren’t always the first choice for a venue. If you’re a prospective condo owner who’s on the fence about buying a condo for sale in Pasig such as Aspire by Filinvest’s Capri Oasis, Sorrento Oasis, One Oasis Ortigas, and Bali Oasis, worry not because you too can host a Christmas party in your condo! 
If you think that hosting celebrations and get-togethers such as a Christmas party is impossible to do in a condo unit, then continue reading because here is how you can do just that. 

Think about your guests

Hosting a Christmas party in a condo unit can be particularly challenging because space is limited. That being said, the first thing you must consider is your guest list or the people who you’d want to invite to your Christmas party. Take note of how many people your condo unit can accommodate and then go from there.

Are you planning to invite your extended family? What about your closest friends? It might be impossible to have both of these groups over for a Christmas party without sacrificing comfort. One way to work around this is by hosting two parties, one for your family and one for your friends. If it cannot be helped and you really want to invite your family and friends for one big Christmas celebration, you can use the condo’s function hall. Capri Oasis has a clubhouse that is perfect for this kind of affair.

Decorate your condo unit accordingly

Just like gift-giving, decorations are also indispensable to any Christmas celebration. You would want to maximize the space in your condo unit, so keep decorations that take floor space to a minimum. A small-sized Christmas tree should suffice. But make sure to place it in a corner so that people don’t accidentally knock it over. As long as your unit is bright and festive, you’re good to go.

Delicious food is a must

After figuring out who to invite, think about what food you are going to serve. Christmas parties are known to have the best food, but don’t let that pressure you into spending a fortune on a lavish feast. A good strategy would be to serve food based on the nature of your party. If it involves an intimate sit-down dinner with special people, then go for quality over quantity.

However, if you’re expecting your party to have many people standing around mingling, and having a grand time, then finger food is a better option. Avoid soup-based food because they tend to be messy. Use paper plates and disposable utensils so that clean up is quick and easy. 

If you’re busy, you can find a lot of restaurants in the area. Visit Locavore if you’re a fan of classic Filipino dishes with a twist. Locavore is located in Kapitolyo, which is just a 20-30 minute drive from your condo. 

Another restaurant you can visit in Kapitolyo is the Sky High Bar. It’s the perfect place to chill out, eat good food and have a few drinks. This is the place to spend if you want an intimate gathering. Choose the roof-deck level of Sky High Bar for a relaxed environment and once you’re ready to hit the dance floor, the lower levels are perfect for this. 

Come up with a simple program

A Christmas party can not be considered a ‘Christmas’ party without the giving of gifts. Keep the holiday spirit alive by coming up with a program that accommodates some form of gift-giving. Whether it’s a Kris Kringle or a Secret Santa, make it a point to pay the positive Christmas vibes forward. 

Key Takeaway

Now that you know how to plan and organize a Christmas party, you are better prepared for the holiday season. The various Pasig Oasis projects such as Capri Oasis, Sorrento Oasis, One Oasis Ortigas, and Bali Oasis are not just your home but it’s also a great place to host an intimate Christmas party. You can quell the notion that condo units aren’t a viable venue for celebrations, so don’t let it discourage you from investing in a condo for sale in Pasig.