What are the best restaurants in the Metro?

  • Yushoken
  • Cru Steakhouse
  • The Black Pig
  • Sky Deck at the Bayleaf Hotel
  • Locavore Kitchen & Drinks

Have you recently moved into your new home in the Metro? Are you looking for a condo for sale in Manila or a condo in Pasig? If you are, then you’re probably scouting for places to dine in and satisfy your hunger or a great place to celebrate.

We’ve got a list of the best restaurants in the Metro for you that are just a short drive away from luxury condominiums at Aspire by Filinvest’s Sorrento Oasis in Rosario and Bali Oasis 2 in Santolan! Here are a few restaurants you’ll surely enjoy in Metro Manila:


Ramen Yushoken has to be the best place for ramen in the Metro. Located at Alabang’s Molito Center, Yushoken’s belly-filling bowls burst with flavor and will certainly have you coming back for more.

Ramen Yushoken is known for their famous house specialty, the tantanmen ramen. This is a definite must try. The tantanmen is a mildly-spicy ramen that is topped with impeccably cooked minced meat. The noodles are cooked to perfection, swimming in a savory and milky soup. 

Ramen Yushoken serves the usual shoyu and shio ramen as well which are classic favorites. Most of the food on their menu is considered to be top choices, from the appetizers to the noodle dishes. Many seem to love their karaage, gyoza, and tamago.

The ambiance of Ramen Yushoken gives off an authentic Japanese feel. The wooden accents and Japanese figurines behind the bar complete the entire dining experience. This ramen house is truly a favorite of many individuals in the Metro.

Cru Steakhouse

Located at the Marriott Hotel in Newport Boulevard, Pasay City, Cru Steakhouse is the place to dine if you want to experience the best steaks on the Metro, and arguably in the Philippines. Cru Steakhouse has been around for around 16 years and has been serving top quality meat ever since.

From Australian stockyard ribeye to US Certified Angus beef prime rib-eye, Cru Steakhouse serves only the finest steaks the world has to offer. Their steak specialty is not the only thing they excel in. Diners can enjoy the CRU appetizer sampler which consists of three different kinds of soup and bite-sized entrées. Their black truffle risotto and salmon fillet are just some of the main dishes that are loved by many. When you talk about desserts, Cru Steakhouse’s sizzling matcha brownie and supreme tarte are the perfect conclusions to an amazing dining experience!

The ambiance of Cru Steakhouse’s ambiance provides you with a luxurious and lush dining experience. The place is quiet and relaxing, but what truly stands out in the restaurant is the open flame grill where you get to see how the chef cooks their steaks to perfection.

The Black Pig

The Black Pig, located in Alabang’s Commerce Center, is one of the best charcuterie restaurants in the Metro. What makes The Black Pig special is their sumptuous food, craft beer, and amazingly reasonable price for a sophisticated dining experience. The rustic European appeal and darkly lit rooms make for comfortable dining.

Every dish that the Black Pig offers is crafted to provide their diners with a unique experience that will appeal to anyone’s taste preference. Their Black Pig charcuterie board is a dish that nobody should miss out on. It consists of ham cold cuts offered in different flavors. To complete the dining experience, they also offer a variety of French cheese and craft beer samplers. One thing that sets The Black Pig apart from many restaurants is the impeccable service. The quick service crew are all smiles and are always ready to assist you with anything.

The Black Pig is the best place to enjoy a peaceful and quiet dining environment. The price is stunningly reasonable and the place is well-designed. The Black Pig will instantly make you feel like you’re in Europe. The ambiance, quality of food, and service make for a perfect formula to easily tell that this is one of the best restaurants in the Metro.

Sky Deck at the Bayleaf Hotel

If you’ve recently acquired a condo for sale in Manila and you’re looking for some places to dine in, you shouldn’t miss the Bayleaf Hotel’s Sky Deck. Located in Intramuros, the Skydeck is one of the best rooftop restaurants that offers an unobstructed view of the city of Manila. Dining on a rooftop in the heart of Manila is a moment worth experiencing!

Dining above the legendary city of Manila with delicious food is truly magical. The Sky Deck offers a variety of cuisines that will satisfy everyone’s taste buds. Most of the food on their menu is outstanding but, here are a few worth noting. The fried Hainanese chicken rice smells just as good as it tastes, it’s magnificent! The boneless meat is juicy and is bursting with flavor. Their Callos Manileno consists of large chunks of meat, peppers, olives, and morcilla. The Bayleaf’s Sky Deck is perfect for any occasion, whether you’re dining alone or with loved ones. This should be on everyone’s bucket list!

Locavore Kitchen & Drinks

Locavore Kitchen & Drinks showcases classic Filipino dishes with a unique twist. The restaurant is situated within Kapitolyo — a popular village in Pasig that has become a well-known dining destination. The restaurant prides itself on solely using fresh ingredients from all over the country. Their dishes will surely give your tastebuds a familiar but refreshing experience. 

The goal of Locavore Kitchen & Drinks is to enhance the capabilities of Filipino cuisine. They do this by combining iconic dishes such as sisig and sinigang — a creation they call Sizzling Sinigang. They also aim to create dishes that can further show what the country has to offer. This can be seen in their Oyster Sisig — deep fried fresh oysters that are paired with a creamy chicken liver sauce. For a light but flavorful snack, go for their Salted Egg Gabi Chips made of gabi, kesong puti, kimchi, and white onion.

Locavore Kitchen & Drinks is the place to go to enjoy a new style of Filipino cooking. Invest in a luxury condo unit at Aspire by Filinvest’s Capri Oasis in Maybunga in order to be a few minutes away from this culinary experience.

Key Takeaway

Unbeknownst to many, there may be some great restaurants near the area where you live. Whether you live in a condo in Pasig in Aspire by Filinvest’s One Oasis Ortigas in Sta. Lucia or in a luxury condo in Makati, there will always be a place to eat that will leave you with a smile. Some of the best Aspire condos for sale in Manila, such as Maui Oasis in Sta. Mesa, is situated close to the best attractions and restaurants. If you’re looking to resituate yourself in a home that is strategically placed around local attractions in a certain area, check out what Filinvest has to offer by clicking here.