What are the different festivals in Rizal Province?

1.    Higantes Festival
2.    Binalayan Festival
3.    Caru-Caruhan Festival
4.    Hane Festival
5.    Giwang-Giwang Festival
6.    Maytime Festival

Rizal Province is one of the most picturesque places to live in the Philippines. Anyone residing here can regularly enjoy the view of the calm and peaceful waters of Laguna de Bay as well as experience the grandness of the Montalban Dam. 

The province is also most notably known for its vibrant and colorful festivities. Festivals in Rizal province are just some of the most joyous events in the country. Large crowds flock to them during different times of the year. Living in this part of the Philippines is something that you should definitely put on your bucket list. 

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Higantes Festival

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Celebrated annually on the 23rd of November in Angono Rizal, the Higantes Festival is probably the most notable among the list. The people of Angono hold this event every year in commemoration of the municipality’s patron saint, San Clemente, who is also known as the Patron Saint of Fishermen. 

The event’s most popular attraction is definitely the several gigantic statues made of paper-mache, which are paraded in different parts of the area until they converge into a final procession leading to the Laguna de Bay. Typically, the statues are depictions of different people known to the city - whether it be its fisherfolk or national and local politicians. 

The patron saint is the main attraction of the event, paraded by a large group of male devotees adorned in vibrant fishermen’s costumes. 

Binalayan Festival

The Binalayan Festival is celebrated in the province’s oldest municipality, Binangonan. ‘Binalayan’ is a word contracted from two of the municipality’s main sources of livelihood during the pre-colonial era, which are the bamboo, and the ‘lawa’ or the lake. 

Through this festival, the rich historical past of Binangonan is displayed for everyone to see. Its main attraction is the various locally-made bamboo products, as well as other lake-based merchandise. Showcasing these products is a procession of women wearing colorful gowns, dresses, and intricately-made headwear. 

Caru-Caruhan Festival

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Similar to the Binalayan Festival, the Caru-Caruhan Festival takes place in Binangonan. The event’s main attraction is a procession of several miniature-sized statues of saints. 

Posing as a stark contrast to the Higante Festival, people began celebrating the event during the Lenten season in the 1980s where children paraded makeshift miniature statues made out of readily-available scrap materials. Over time, however, the statue artwork became more sophisticated and life-like. 

Hane Festival

Hane Festival celebrates the founding of the Municipality of Tanay. Featuring colorful costumes and masterfully-made headpieces, Hane Festival is a celebration of Tanay’s rich eco-tourism. The festival is also an ode to the area’s bountiful agricultural harvests, as well as friendly townsfolk. 

Giwang-Giwang Festival

Like the Caru-Caruhan Festival, Giwang-Giwang is traditionally held during Holy Week. The name derives itself from the way processioners sway the image of the Santo Entierro as they lug it through the streets on their shoulders.

Antipolo Maytime Festival

Finally, one of the most-awaited festivals begins on the 1st of May. The Maytime Festival is an homage to the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. The procession typically features traditional, well-choreographed dance numbers performed by the women of Antipolo donning beautiful gowns in a variety of prints. This time of the month also marks the droves of people visiting the city as they make their way towards the church. 

Key Takeaway

The different festivals in Rizal Province all showcase the region’s rich, traditional and cultural practices. Every celebration is a wonder to behold because of the time, dedication, and preparation the processioners devote to these events. 

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