Where should you buy a house in Rizal?

1.    Antipolo 
2.    Angono 
3.    Taytay

Are you looking for a change from the busy city life?
Looking to move into a new home in a more serene location?
There are some places in Rizal that would definitely be of interest to you.

Rizal is considered as a first-class province in the Philippines. It has maintained its natural geography by establishing businesses and settlements amidst nature. A house and lot for sale in Rizal would definitely be the perfect investment if you enjoy the outdoors.

The province of Rizal houses three prime real estate areas that you should know of. 
Read on to learn about them.


The City of Antipolo is full of sprawling hills and rolling mountains. Its roads are interconnected to neighboring towns and cities for easy access. As you drive uphill to the city, you will experience fresher and cooler air as well as an abundance of thriving flora.

If you enjoy dining at restaurants with an overlooking, panoramic view of the skyline, then a house in Antipolo would definitely be the best choice. It is also a prime location for outdoor trekking to nearby mountains and waterfalls. Consider purchasing a home in Aspire by Filinvest’s Mission Hills to be one with nature in your everyday life.


If you are an artistic-type who is looking for a refreshing escape from your old lifestyle, then you should take a look at Angono, Rizal. This area is considered as a haven for Filipino artists. This city is the hometown of two National Artists for Visual Arts and Music, Lucio San Pedro and Carlos “Botong” Francisco.

The artistry of its community is evident in its colorful festivals and eye-catching establishments. Angono’s Higantes Festival every November is popular for its parade of giant paper mache figures. Its Easter Salubong (Easter Parade) makes use of artistic interpretations and designs. The area also has restaurants that act as museums, such as Perdigon Vocalan’s Balaw-Balaw Folk Food & Folk Art Specialty Restaurant.

Living in a house in Angono, Rizal such as at Aspire by Filinvest’s The Grove at Forest Farms or Highlands Pointe will introduce you to all types of artists that will challenge your creativity. 


Taytay is a 1st class municipality in the province of Rizal. What once was a barren terrain is now on the rise as the Next Central Business District of the East. Developing industries are flourishing in Taytay with the help of both local and foreign investors. This is definitely the area for you if you are looking to set up your very own business near the comforts of your home.

If you are interested in living a provincial life in the convenience of a rising municipality, then the best option is Taytay. Consider taking a look at Aspire by Filinvest’s Amarilyo Crest.

These are the best places in Rizal to buy a house for sale. Invest in quality properties from trusted real estate developers such as Aspire by Filinvest. 

Key Takeaway

Did these places in Rizal catch your interest? 

Take careful consideration of the areas listed above to find the best one for you. Try to imagine how you will make the exchange from a busy city life to a serene, provincial one. One thing’s for sure, investing in a house and lot for sale in Rizal will definitely be the right choice for those looking for a more peaceful lifestyle.

Take a look at Aspire by Filinvest’s Mission Hills, The Grove at Forest Farms, Amarilyo Crest and Highlands Pointe. These projects have been specially created for Filinvest’s Townscape project called Havila.