What should you expect when living in Makati?

  • Reliable security
  • Technological prominence
  • Outstanding nightlife
  • Top quality condos

Living in a condo in Makati is not what it seems. While some might think that the city of Makati is all business and no fun, one can achieve a fulfilling work-life balance here. The best that Metro Manila has to offer can be found in the exquisite city of Makati. The place is more fun than most would think. Let’s take a look at the area’s unique lifestyle and what makes it one of the best cities to live in.

Reliable Security

Makati is known as one of the most secure cities in the Philippines. With the strong presence of the police force and strict implementation of city laws and rules, you’re sure to be safe in Makati. It’s all about discipline and structure when you talk about Makati. Knowing that you’re within the confines of a city which values security, you’ll be more confident to walk the streets without worrying about your belongings being stolen. 

The strict implementation of traffic rules keeps its motorists disciplined and well-mannered in terms of road etiquette. Deemed as one of the safest places in the country to live, Makati is home to the Philippines’ pioneering emergency facility. The best fire department in the country is located here as well as one of the most advanced police headquarters. This alone is a good enough reason to settle in the city of Makati.

Technological Prominence

Makati is the preferred location for information technology experts, tech-inclined entrepreneurs, and tech-involved startups. The country is equipped with ICT ready buildings — a great advantage for any tech professional. These buildings allow them to simply plug in and bolt on whatever they need to begin operations and start in a snap. 

The city of Makati isn’t just known for its tall buildings, great restaurants, and many entertainment spots. The local government invests in state-of-the-art technology to improve its security, something that’s paramount to them. Investing in high-tech cameras with wireless transmissions will help improve traffic management and aid in facilitating any need for strategic emergency deployment. 

Technology isn’t just limited to business structures and government operations. Many condos in Makati make use of the latest technology in terms of security systems, authentication methods, and advanced parking and emergency systems. With the constant advancements in technology for security and investments, Makati stands out as one of the best countries in the Philippines to live in.

Outstanding Nightlife

Makati feels most alive during the night. Once the sun sleeps and the night sets in, lights of all sorts flicker and shine to give life to the endless streets of restaurants, cafés, pubs, and sports bars that reside in the city.

Home to cuisines from all over the world, Makati is the perfect location for epicurean adventures. The variety of food-related establishments make Makati one of the greatest places to unwind and enjoy a bit of freedom from a long day’s work.

No matter the hour, there’s always something to do in Makati. From sunrise to sunset, the city will never leave you hanging. Living in a place like 100 West by Filinvest will make life easier for you since it’s close to a wide range of attractions.

Top Quality Condos

There’s no reason for top real estate developers in the country such as Filinvest to not establish projects in one of the leading cities in the Philippines, Makati. Location is of supreme consideration when you’re in the real estate business. The best locations will not only aid in increasing the market value of a property, they will also be on top of every property buyer’s checklist.

Condos in Pasig and other large cities in the Metro may be equipped with world-class amenities and features. But none are like the condos in Makati, such as Filinvest’s 100 West. High-rise condos such as 100 West allow you to enjoy the best quality of living and cherish moments with your loved ones. It’s well furnished for families to enjoy every amenity. Strategically located near a number of schools, malls, and other attractions, 100 West is among the other condos of Makati that give people a reason to live in the great city.

Key Takeaway

Over the years, Makati has evolved from a sole business district to a location of prime lifestyle establishments, delicious food, rich cultural traces, and a community of collaborative neighborhoods. Makati’s reputation as a prime financial district in the country is shaved off its uptight façade and is regarded as one of the most fun and exciting places to reside in. It’s a great place for young professionals to live the life that they want-- be it peacefully within their homes, or out and about as they experience the whole of Makati.