What are the benefits of living in Rizal?
1.    It is more accessible than ever
2.    Rizal offers an alternative lifestyle 
3.    The province of Rizal is rich in culture

Rizal may not be the first location that comes into your mind when thinking of places to live in. However, thanks to the increasing availability of houses and lot for sale in Rizal like Aspire by Filinvest’s Forest Farms, Mission Hills, Amarilyo Crest, and Highlands Pointe, you may have to start putting the famed province on top of your list. 

Aside from the quality housing developments that one can find there, there are also benefits that come with living in Rizal that you would do well to know. 

It is more accessible than ever

If accessibility is an issue for you, then living in the Rizal province of Antipolo City will not be too problematic. Despite the worsening traffic conditions in the country, recent developments in infrastructure have produced more ways and options you can take to travel to and from Rizal. 

If you are driving, you can pass through EDSA or C5 to reach the Ortigas Avenue interchange which you can then take to go to Antipolo. Another alternative would be to use the Marcos highway to take you directly to Rizal. 

Commuting is also viable because there are many jeepneys, buses, or FX rides you can take going to Rizal. Once the LRT line 4 is completed by June 2021, its initial target date for completion, you can also add it to the list of commuter options you can take. 

Rizal offers an alternative lifestyle 

One of the main selling points of living in Rizal is the alternative, idyllic lifestyle that it entails. Because the province lies at the foot of the Sierra Madre, the popular mountain range renowned for being the longest in the Philippines, beautiful nature scenes await you. 

You would also be able to frequent the many popular tourist destinations such as the Hinulugang Taktak waterfalls as often as you’d like. If you want to take it a step further, you can even try visiting the Avilon Zoo. Finally, the lush Masungi Georeserve is also one of the most sought out locations in Rizal. Thanks to all these and more, nature lovers will surely feel at home. 

Complemented by the ample and refreshing space, living in Rizal will prove to be a good decision if you are looking for picturesque scenes and tranquility away from the bustling cities of the metro. 

The province of Rizal is rich in culture

Culture is also rich and very much alive in and around the area of Rizal, whether it’s in terms of history, religion, the arts, or a combination of them all. 

The Angono-Binangonan Petroglyphs are a great example of history and art coming together because it is known as the oldest work of art in the Philippines. Modern art enthusiasts will surely appreciate the Pinto Art Museum, which houses some of the most prized collections of art in the country. 

Devout Catholics also have avenues to express their faith thanks to the popular Antipolo Cathedral that attracts countless pilgrims during the pilgrimage season, reaching the shrine only by foot. Other sacred sites include Regina RICA, a sanctuary featuring a larger-than-life metal statue of the Virgin Mary. For those seeking for a period of meditation, retreat centers dot across the rolling hills of the province.

By living in Rizal, you have easier access to all these locations and many more. Experiences that you won’t be able to have if you were living in Metro Manila are unlocked and the best part of all is that you are not that far away from the metro itself should you find yourself missing the city.

Key Takeaway

Living in Rizal is a great choice for people who are looking for something different. There are certainly more benefits and advantages to be discovered, so why not start a new adventure by investing in a house and lot for sale in Rizal? Choose among Aspire by Filinvest’s developments like Forest Farms in Angono, Mission Hills in Antipolo, Amarilyo Crest and Highlands Pointe in Taytay.