Why should you live in Pasig City?
1.    It is a city of opportunities
2.    Pasig City supports a ‘green’ lifestyle
3.    There is a myriad of transport options
4.    It is a lifestyle haven 

Finding a new residence is one of the first steps to becoming an independent person. It is also one of the first things couples do before starting a family. The importance of finding the right place to settle down in cannot be understated enough, which is why you should choose wisely. 

Among the major cities in Metro Manila, Pasig City is becoming one of the best places to reside in, especially for young professionals and growing families. A condo for sale in Pasig, for example, can be a great option for a yuppie looking to jumpstart his or her career. Going beyond the abundance of excellent property developments, there are other reasons why Pasig City is slowly becoming the place to be. Continue reading to find out.

It is a city of opportunities

The reason why Pasig City is a great choice for young professionals is that it is a city of opportunities. You are probably familiar with Makati and Taguig’s famous business districts, but you should regard Ortigas Center alongside the previous two. 

Ortigas Center is ripe for job prospects from different industries including IT, BPO, advertising, finance, and more. Well known local and foreign firms are headquartered here. Career choices of varying degrees are available. 

Pasig City supports  ‘green’ living

There is a reason why Pasig City is also known as the 'green city’, and that is because the local government has been implementing many reforms in recent years that push for eco-friendly living. The result? A rooftop garden in its city hall, well-maintained parks, the introduction of e-jeeps and e-tricycles, a bike-sharing program, and a ‘car-free’ day — where city residents are urged to use their bikes or walk when passing along Emerald Avenue every Sunday. 

These initiatives are both refreshing and very much welcomed given the ever-growing issue of climate change. 

There are a myriad of transport options

One of the biggest sources of stress around the metro is the notorious traffic situation. If this is your biggest frustration, then you would do well to know that Pasig has a wide variety of public transport options you can take to go from one place to another. Aside from the previously mentioned e-jeeps and e-trikes, buses and UV Expresses ply along major thoroughfares in the city such as Ortigas Avenue and C5. Pasig is also accessible via train through LRT 2’s Santolan Station.

One unique mode of transportation that you’d have trouble finding anywhere else is the Pasig River Ferry. It has 3 stations in the namesake city, with stops along Makati, Mandaluyong, and even as far as Manila, while providing commuters scenic views of the cities. So don’t underestimate its capability to take you places across the Metro. Thanks to all these choices, navigating your way through the urban jungle shouldn’t be a hassle. 

It is a lifestyle haven 

Finally, many people find their home in Pasig City because it is a bonafide lifestyle haven in the Northern part of the metro. Thanks to the continuous development of shopping centers and mixed-use properties across the city, you can shop till you drop, have a gastronomic adventure, or find entertainment in countless establishments. 

Key Takeaway 

Pasig City offers a multi-faceted lifestyle that many people desire. From work and recreation to an eco-friendly environment, all these and more await you if you decide to live in a house or condo in Pasig. 

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