Why A Condo Investment Is the Right Decision for Your Child in College

One thing many parents have trouble with when it comes to their children’s college education is finding where they will reside during their college years. Some families can afford to make their college students travel from home to university while others simply can not. If you fall under the latter, a condo in Quezon City such as Aspire by Filinvest’s Vinia Residences in Phil-Am, Studio A in Loyola Heights, and Activa Flex in E. Rodriguez can be the right solution for you.

However, as many parents can attest to, the decision is not easy to make which is why you should weigh your options properly. To help you do that, here are a number of reasons why investing in a condo unit for your college kid is a great decision.

A condo lets a student avoid long commutes

One of the biggest challenges that comes with traveling to school every day is the notorious traffic jams that has been the cause of lost time that could’ve been put to better use. That being said, a condo in Quezon City can be a great way to rectify this situation as they are usually strategically placed to be closer to public transport stations, important landmarks, and points of interest. For example, Studio A is situated near prominent schools such as Ateneo de Manila University, Miriam College, and the University of the Philippines. 

By living nearby, students will have more time to spend on the essential aspects of their college life such as studying and rest. It also enables them to maximize their whole college experience altogether. 

Enjoy student-friendly amenities

Aside from being relatively close to different educational institutions, a condominium offers many utilities and amenities that a given college student can benefit from. In fact, many of the newer condominium projects are geared for student-tenants. Study rooms, business lounges, and other areas that allow students to do their schoolwork are becoming more common to see. 

As for extra-curricular activities, students can also make use of the standard fitness gym and swimming pool amenities for their exercise and recreation needs. Knowing how to unwind and take a break from the stressful academic environment is one of the keys to a proper school/life balance — something that must always be taken into consideration by parents as well. 

Going beyond in-house amenities, condos often accommodate commercial establishments around the area of their property. From convenience stores, coffee shops, and restaurants to bookstores, college students have access to many sources of convenience that benefit their studying life.  

Security is consistently enforced

One thing that many parents are concerned about is that they will not be there to protect their child. But that shouldn’t be an issue when it comes to living in a condo. This is because of the availability of round-the-clock security measures that include security cameras, guards, and a strict visitor sign-in process in most, if not all, condominiums around the Metro. 

With a comprehensive security system, parents need not worry about their children’s safety. Peace of mind for both parents and their would-be college students is always an advantageous thing that could possibly affect a student’s success.  

It is still a valuable investment beyond his/her college years

One of the biggest concerns that prevent parents from investing in a condominium unit for their children in college is that it could be an impractical move. After all, most college degree programs take around 4 years to complete. However, it is important to remember that the worth of a property does not end after their child graduates from college.

Having a condo unit can be even more beneficial because it can still serve as a fresh grad’s dwelling when they get a job — enabling them to take career opportunities in places far from home. When the time comes that he or she would want to move out from their parents’ house, a condo is also the best place to start.

If those kinds of decisions aren’t in the plan, then the unit can be rented out for additional revenue. Eventually, it can also be sold for a good price thanks to the appreciation of a given condo’s value. Either way, you can gain back the money you invested.

Key Takeaway

Now that you understand why a condominium investment can be the best decision you can make for your child in college, why not do it with Aspire by Filinvest? With their condos in Quezon City such as Activa Flex, Vinia Residences, and Studio A, giving your child the best living situation while he or she is in college has never been easier.