What career opportunities can be found in Quezon City?
1.    IT - BPO Industry
2.    Real Estate 
3.    Performance and Arts
4.    Food and Drink Business

When it comes to investing in residential properties, the number of things you have to take into consideration can be overwhelming. From available amenities to career opportunities around the area, it can be hard to know if you’re making the right choice. If you are looking to buy a condo in Quezon City like Aspire by Filinvest’s Activa Flex in E. Rodriguez, Vinia Residences in Phil-am, or Studio A in Loyola Heights, then it would be best if you knew what kind of industries around the bustling city are ripe with career opportunities. 

Keep on reading if you want to find out more because here are some potential opportunities for you to explore. 

IT - BPO Industry

While it’s no secret that the information technology and business process outsourcing (IT-BPO) sector has been ever-growing, Quezon City is one of the beneficiaries of its development in recent years. Thanks to continuous foreign investment, many more BPO companies are beginning to establish their presence in Quezon City among others. However, don’t be too quick to assume that only call centers are being created because alongside the BPO industry is the sharp rise of information technology. 

Under the blanket terms of information technology, there are different sub-sectors where different career opportunities abound. 

Some of the sub-sectors under IT include:
●    Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO):
●    Software development
●    Game development
●    Engineering design
●    Animation

If you have experience in these aforementioned lines of work or have an educational background relating to it, then Quezon City can be a great place to settle down in.

Real Estate 

The rise of the real estate industry is closely associated with the previously mentioned IT-BPO sector. Because there are more companies setting up shop in the city, they naturally need a physical space to occupy. Aside from new residential properties like the ones being developed by Aspire by Filinvest, office spaces are also increasing in number. Quezon City provided at least 33% of the office space supply for Metro Manila in 2019 alone — a testament to the city’s growth in terms of real estate.

If you are part of the real estate industry, finding a condo in Quezon City to reside in can prove to be a smart career decision. 

Film and Music Opportunities

What most people don’t know about Quezon City is that it’s a place with a strong affinity for performance, art, and everything in between. With a burgeoning music and film scene, even creatives have a place in the ‘City of Stars.’ 

Musicians have many options in terms of places to perform gigs given the abundance of music bars and event spaces. The city itself has a strong ‘indie’ culture with many enthusiasts eager to watch up-and-coming or established artists alike.

For both seasoned and aspiring filmmakers and photographers, Quezon City is known to be a place with many picturesque scenes for photographs and feature films. You get a bit of everything from urban aesthetics to pleasant natural points of view. Interested parties may also access the headquarters of the Filipino Society of Cinematographers and Film Academy of the Philippines is situated in the South Triangle district of Quezon City.

Food and Drink Business

For those who have entrepreneurial aspirations, Quezon City can be a great location to establish a food business. Whether it’s a food stall, a restaurant, or a food park, the possibilities are endless. With known food spots like Cubao, Tomas Morato, and Maginhawa, you are free to dine on any cuisine from all over the world.

Beyond the usual fare, novel food and drink ideas are also welcome. There has been a surge in milk tea, frozen yogurt, artisanal coffee offerings, etc. in the Philippines in recent years. There’s no telling what the next food craze will be, but rest assured that Quezon City can and will accommodate it when it comes. 

Living in Quezon City will make starting such food businesses easier and more convenient because you are that much closer to one of the biggest food markets in Metro Manila.

Key Takeaway

There are numerous career opportunities in Quezon City that can make moving or settling down in the city viable. If you are interested in taking advantage of what the city has to offer, whether it's in career opportunities or anything else, then you would do well to find the right property to reside in.

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