Christmas is right around the corner. For a lot of people, this means a great deal of home decorating needs to be done. However, if you are living in a condo, Christmas decoration ideas can become a challenge. 
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Go for a mini-Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is the perennial symbol for the holiday season. From the star at its tipto the presents underneath it, Christmas will not feel like Christmas without one in your home. Despite that, a regular-sized tree can be a challenge to incorporate inside your condominium unit because of the limited space. 

The most logical workaround to this kind of limitation is to use a mini or down-sized version of a Christmas tree. Given how common and accessible mini Christmas trees are, finding the right size and style for your condo unit would not be a problem. 

Aside from its’ indispensable symbolic value, the reason why a Christmas tree is essential for your holiday decorations is that it is also highly customizable and acts as a centerpiece for all of your other decor choices. It will allow you to incorporate other color palettes other than the traditional red and green. Neutral tones like white and gold are an increasingly popular choice in that regard. 

Finally, a Christmas tree can also occupy vacant spaces in your condo such as the corners of the living room — allowing you to maximize the precious space in your home. Don’t forget to adorn it with lights for added effect.

Use your shelves to display Christmas ornaments

Wall shelves are common in condo units. While they’re usually used to showcase your book or DVD collection, the holiday season is the perfect time to temporarily replace them with Christmas ornaments. 

There are many holiday-themed figurines and ornaments you can choose from that can inspire the Christmas spirit in your home — from snowmen and Santa Claus figurines to religious symbols such as the Nativity scene. Even holiday-themed stuffed toys are not out of the question as they are a cute and novel way to bring out the festive spirit in your home. 

Holiday ‘treat bowls’ can serve as decor

Using ‘treat bowls’ or large platters of candies, cookies, and other sweet treats is another brilliant way to decorate your condominium unit. It will not only make your home feel warm and inviting, but it can also serve as a source of color that complements the theme of your home decor. 

It's also a great option to go for if your condo unit is the venue for Christmas parties because guests can easily grab a treat or two to make their holidays much sweeter. 

Christmas wreaths can be placed indoors

Just like the Christmas tree, wreaths are also a staple decoration for the holidays. The common way to showcase them is by hanging one on your front door. Since you want to maximize your Christmas decor, a better way to incorporate a wreath would be to keep it inside your condo unit. Hanging one on your front door can spread the holiday cheer to your neighbors, but this works best if they do the same thing. 

The choice is yours in terms of where to place it, but an empty wall would be best. An indoor Christmas wreath can be a classy way of adding a festive ‘green’ energy to your condo unit. 

Presents can also double as decoration

If you want to add the proverbial cherry on top of your Christmas decoration plans, you can color-coordinate the gift wrapping of Christmas presents. Doing this will not be a hassle since you will probably be the one wrapping gifts anyway. The only added effort on your part would be to choose the right kind of gift wrapping paper that will complement the design of your condo unit.

Using Christmas presents as decorations can blend well with your Christmas tree, most especially if they will be placed underneath it. Take this as an opportunity to express your creative side. 

Key Takeaway 

There are many simple ways you can decorate your condominium unit while at the same time making the most of the limited space. If you have a specific motif or set up in mind and stay consistent with it, you will be able to successfully bring the best out of your condo unit this Christmas. Decorating a condominium unit for the Christmas season is really not as hard as it seems.

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