Where are the best places in Metro Manila to buy a condo for sale?
1.    Manila City
2.    Makati City
3.    Quezon City
4.    Taguig City

There are a number of advantages to living amidst the bustling cities found in Metro Manila. Whether you choose to invest in a condo in Manila, Quezon, or Taguig, you will be living within the Philippines’ most prosperous cities. Every flourishing area found within Metro Manila is the result of growing economic developments. Within these cities, luxury establishments and professional business opportunities can be found around every corner. 

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Manila City

Manila has been the center of foreign business endeavors for a number of centuries. This phenomenon continues on until today with the constant increase of foreign investments in local industries. These business connections have turned the area into a melting pot of different cultures. Local and international businesses are found right beside one another. The area of Manila is also known for its combination of historical sites and futuristic buildings, putting you in the center of Philippine evolution if you choose to live within it.

Besides the amalgamation of cultures in Manila, the area has been able to evolve while retaining a number of historical locations. These areas are free to explore while you are on vacation to get a glimpse of Philippine history. One of these places is the Mabini Shrine in Sta. Mesa, Manila. The former home of revolutionary hero Apolinario Mabini has been converted into a museum about his life and death. This important piece of Philippine history is just a short drive away from Aspire by Filinvest’s Maui Oasis, a tropical-island-inspired medium-rise condominium.

Mixed-use developments are a popular style being integrated into the majority of the Philippines’ business districts, including the business district of Makati City.

Makati City

In order to keep up with its mantle as the premier business district of the Philippines, Makati City is home to almost everything that a working professional might need. From malls, grocery stores, business offices, restaurants, and even exclusive bars. All of this is possible due to the financial stability of the city as the central financial sector of the country. Whatever you may need, you can simply acquire them from one of the many establishments that offer high-quality products and services at all times.

Choosing to live in one of Aspire by Filinvest’s high rise condominiums such as 100 West or The Linear will put you at the center of one of the most advanced and globally connected cities in the Philippines. Enjoy the perks of international trade in this booming city. 

If you are looking to live in a city that has easy access to global business endeavors while enjoying more space, then you may want to take a look at the crown jewel of the Philippines.

Quezon City

Also called the Crown Jewel of the Philippines, Quezon City has one of the largest economies in the region. This is due to the number of companies that have set up shop in the area. These companies include media networks, IT specialists, and BPO companies. These large companies, as well as the established service industries in the area, have been functioning for multiple years. This makes this city the prime hub for professionals and experts in their respective fields. 

If you’re aiming to immerse yourself in these fields, then consider availing of a unit at a luxury high rise condominium such as Aspire by Filinvest’s Activa Flex in E. Rodriguez. This unique property is a mixed-use development that combines work, live, and play in one holistic environment. It is home to Activa Office Tower for your business needs and Activa Mall, perfect for retail therapy.

The Philippines is quickly becoming known in the international business trade world as a good place for investments.

Taguig City

Bonifacio Global City (BGC), also known as the financial and lifestyle district of Taguig City, is a prime location for investments. As the popularity of the area rises, more and more local and foreign companies are choosing to set up their companies in this rising location. Another appealing factor of BGC is that its layout is well-planned enough that the majority of its residents choose to walk to their destinations instead of taking their vehicles. Its public transportation is also extremely safe and reliable as they house their own BGC bus and e-Tricycle. 

The area is so popular that it has become a favorite residential area for foreign businessmen who have relocated to the country. Due to its world-class facilities, easy to navigate layout, and variety of establishments, Bonifacio Global City has turned Taguig City into a prime residential area. If you want to live amidst the best of what the Philippines has to offer, then consider availing of a unit in a mid-rise luxury condominium in Taguig such as Aspire by Filinvest’s Panglao Oasis

Take note of these prime locations to find the best place for you to purchase a condo for sale in Metro Manila.

Key Takeaway
Live your best life in a luxury condo in Manila, Makati, or Quezon City. Be immersed in a Philippine city that embodies the opulent lifestyle of its residents. Choose to be in the middle of the booming business district of Makati or live within the integration of history and modernity in the city of Manila. Take note of these prime locations to find the best home for you in Metro Manila.