Because working from home can be challenging too

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Working from home has lots of benefits. But a laptop and a coffeemaker do not automatically transform our space into a conducive work zone. We may need to make modifications to keep distractions at bay. Fortunately, properties now have flexible floor layouts, like the condos for sale in Pasig, a hotspot for young professionals and growth opportunities. They have ample and comfortable space for that live, work, play lifestyle.

One of the productivity adjustments we can do at home is turning to nature. Many studies show that living green has plenty of benefits for more than the planet. Going green improves indoor air quality, wielding the power of natural lighting, and using eco-friendly materials. Now, where and how to start – especially in a condo where space is at a premium?

Claim a space

First, you would need to claim a space in your condo as your office. It can be an actual room or a corner of one. Maybe you find square footage you didn’t know you had! 

Then, arrange your desk, seat, and lighting according to your liking and your unit’s traffic flow. If you have a window, place your desk near or in front of it, and it could become the best “screen” you already have. It’s “biophilia,” our urge to affiliate with nature and other forms of life.
So, gaze out and keep a connection with the outside world while working. Enjoy the natural light that helps you stay alert. If you are still looking for the best condo for sale in Pasig, opt for those with refreshing landscapes and resort-style environs

Bring nature in and decorate

Maximize the perks of natural light in your condo through an open floor plan or drawn curtains. Studies find that we experience less stress and more motivation when surrounded by natural elements like light. It also includes foliage and water.

If you don’t have windows, you may go for nature-themed artwork and add a sun lamp to mimic the sun’s natural rays. Include indoor plants, too, to reduce mental fatigue and refresh your eyes. Feel free to add auditory and olfactory elements like playing nature sounds and diffusing essential oils.

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Improve indoor air quality

Aside from giving you nice natural light, open curtains and windows also allow dynamic air movement. It means a steady flow of fresh air and no stale air buildup. 

For air-purifying plants, opt for the NASA-approved ones like English ivy, peace lily, and bamboo palm. If you live in a dense community with higher levels of air pollution, you may add a HEPA air purifier.

Take a break at the amenities 

According to a study, community gardens, green spaces, and sustainable features in cities lead to self-reported increases in happiness. So, maximize your condo community’s relaxing amenities during your work break. Take a walk and meditate amidst pocket parks. Indulge your playful inner child at the play park. Revel in your patch of green in the city.

If you don’t have the time, micro-breaks with views of greens and blues can be restorative too. A study shows that simply staring at an image of natural scenery for 40 seconds was enough to trigger the brain into a more relaxed state. 

To sum up, nature plays a huge role in boosting our productivity. Now that we are working from home more, let’s find ways to set aside distractions and focus on work. If you are on the hunt for a condo for sale, consider communities that incorporate nature and green features.

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