Home should be a calm environment where you and your loved ones not only feel safe but also relieved from the pressures of work and life. It is a sanctuary where you can rest, relax, and cultivate yourself through hobbies like cooking, gardening, and painting.

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Hence, it would be great if your home is well-located in the suburbs - where you can easily get away from it all like in a property in Cavite.

Lots for sale in Cavite

Nusa Dua

A Balinese-inspired enclave that lets you own a residential farm lot where you can build your dream home surrounded by nature's bounty

Location: Tanza-Trece Road, Brgy. Paradahan, Tanza, Cavite
Lot Area: 750 - 3,963 sqm ±



Princeton Heights

A low-density American New England-themed subdivision with lush surroundings and a range of leisure amenities perfect for holistic family bonding

Location: Bacoor Blvd., Bacoor, Cavite
Lot Area: 110 - 468 sqm ±

But whichever way you want to seek your wellness needs at home, creating and maintaining that sense of serenity may not always be easy as more families work or study from home. This is why we've listed down some ways on how you can create a better sense of calm for the family while you're staying indoors. Read on to learn more.

Give your bedroom a hotel-like vibe

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Your bedroom is a wonderful respite when you can recharge in peace. So you can better look forward to making that domestic escape, we recommend that you dress up your bedroom with a familiar but sophisticated touch. Try incorporating colors such as pastel blue or a neutral white or beige, which can help relax the eyes after a long day. You can also put in plants to give you that refreshing feel while also leaving the TV in the living room so you can sleep more easily.

Bring in natural light

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When you want to highlight the beautiful details of your space and uplift your mood, there can be no better design remedy than bringing in a glimmer of natural light. It's been said that it can even boost your productivity and keep you relaxed, more so than being in an environment that's lit up artificially.

Tip: Place reflective items such as mirrors or lacquered surfaces near your windows so you can bring in more glow.

Harness the power of scent.

scentscaping at home

There's nothing like stepping into a space as fragrant as a luxury spa. Transform your home into your happy place by lighting a scented candle or having an essential oil diffuser. They can set off your 'scent memory' which the brain associates with feelings of joy or satisfaction every time you enter your home.

For your living room, consider energizing, saccharine scents like sweet orange, pomegranate, and almond. For relaxing spaces like your bedroom, herbaceous, floral, and woody scents are advisable like vanilla, lavender, and jasmine. For your kitchen, avoid mint and eucalyptus as these might interfere with your palate, and use savory notes like licorice, cinnamon, and almond, paired with a hint of citrus. On the other hand, fresh and natural scents like pine, eucalyptus, nutmeg, and peppermint make for a relaxing bathroom.

Use natural textures

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Immersing yourself in nature or at least a nature-like environment can work wonders on your mental health. While you may not always have the time to take a remote mountain excursion or a tropical retreat, you can always bring in the greenery and earthiness of the outdoors through natural textures. This can include having woodwork furniture or a touch of artisan accessories such as wall decor or baskets. In their own subtle way, they can help you feel grounded in the present moment and trick the eye to get in touch with the beauty of your home surroundings rather than the distractions of the digital screen.

Craft an outdoor corner for meditation

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Your outdoor space doesn't have to be a grand, sprawling garden. If you have a smaller area to work with, you can transform a part of your patio or backyard into a corner for relaxation and meditation. We recommend cushioning your seats with plenty of pillows, draping them in softer textiles, and surrounding the space with potted plants and other greenery for a lusher ambience.

Refresh your bathroom

bathroom renovation

With trends like K-beauty and skincare becoming all the rage, it only makes sense that you also dedicate a place in your home where you can calmly practice these routines. Refresh your bathroom and make it a little fancy by decorating your counter with plants or a flower vase, stylish mirror, and organizers for your prized beauty products.

Designate specific zones for play time

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While children may be less concerned about having a calm environment, you can always contribute to their happiness at home by designating specific spaces where they can only play. Instead of having plenty of toys lying around or you getting distracted while they're watching on their tablets, encourage them to play in their own bedrooms or at your backyard where they can be active and breathe in some fresh air

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