What are the ways you can spend your weekend in Makati?

1.  Catch the latest blockbuster
2.  Try new recipes made with local produce
3.  Shop for new clothes
4.  Get acquainted with Philippine history
5.  Enjoy global cuisine
6.  Get your adrenaline pumping

Living in a condo in Makati such as Aspire by Filinvest’s 100 West or The Linear puts you within close distance to a number of activities to do around the area. The weekends are the perfect time to explore the city and what it has to offer. Set out to seek new experiences at world-class restaurants and culture-filled museums. Read on to learn more about ways to spend your weekend in Makati.

Catch the Latest Blockbuster

Watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster hit at state-of-the-art cinemas found around Makati. Specialty cinemas such as 4DX Experience can only be found in select establishments such as Greenbelt cinemas. These are specially designed cinema houses that can simulate the film that viewers are watching. Feel your chair move along with the feature film as gusts of wind are blown into your face to replicate the feeling of flying through the night sky.

This new experience is just one of the latest developments in Makati that you can enjoy on the weekend.

Try New Recipes Made with Local Produce

Luxury condos in Makati, such as Aspire by Filinvest’s 100 West, come with high-quality kitchens where you can try out new recipes during the weekend. Research on new cuisine that you would like to try and take note of the ingredients needed to make that dish. 

A short trip from your condominium will bring you to places such as Market! Market! where you can buy fresh local produce to make your delicious new dish. You could also choose to search through popular weekend markets found all around Makati such as the Salcedo and Legazpi weekend markets.

Besides buying fresh produce, you can also buy other types of high-quality items from malls all around Makati.

Shop For New Clothes

International high-end fashion retail brands can be found all around the malls of Makati. The Powerplant Mall at Rockwell Center is home to brands such as Armani Exchange, Zara, and Uniqlo. You will surely be able to find an outfit fit for any occasion that will turn heads as you walk into the room. Explore malls with your loved ones as you go window shopping to find your newest fashion look. 

If you are looking to spend your weekend in a more educational setting, Makati is also home to well-known museums that encapsulate Philippine artistry.

Get Acquainted With Philippine History

Spend your weekend surrounded by exhibits that showcase Philippine history, customs, and culture throughout the years. The Ayala Museum is one of the most well-respected and highly regarded institutions in the country. Contemporary artists have their creations on display for all to see. Paintings, sculptures, and even archaeological discoveries are just some of the works of art you should expect to see within its premises.

After filling your mind up with knowledge, you can explore the malls found right beside the museum for world-class restaurants you can enjoy.

Enjoy Global Cuisine

Makati City is a hotspot for various restaurants. From the fusion of Japanese and Korean cuisine in the kimchi sauce formulated by The Moment Group’s Ooma to the authentic Thai dishes found at the People’s Palace in Greenbelt Mall, these restaurants will surely quench your appetite and introduce new flavors to your taste buds.

To balance all the deliciousness you will experience, head back to your luxury condominium and get some sweat in.

Get Your Adrenaline Pumping

Aspire by Filinvest’s The Linear has fully equipped gym amenities for its residents. You can do some cardio using their treadmills or cycle your way through with exercise bikes. Or tone your muscles with different weights and a squat rack found within the gym. 

Take note of these activities that will surely give you a fun time every weekend. 

Key Takeaway
Live within walking distance to a wide array of new experiences at a condo in Makati such as Aspire by Filinvest’s 100 West or The Linear. Enjoy a variety of ways to spend your weekends with your loved ones. Whether you are looking for a new global cuisine to try or looking to get into the latest fashion trends, Makati is a city that will satisfy your desires. 

Live all your days in walking distance to new adventures and sights to see in a luxury Aspire by Filinvest’s 100 West or The Linear condominiums.