After almost a decade of Metro Manila office constructions designed primarily to be efficient work spaces for the BPO industry, prestigious office towers intended to stand out in the skyline are once again making a comeback.

Clear statements about the resurgent Philippine economy, these towers are most prominent in emerging business districts like Filinvest City in southern Metro Manila.

Among the first of these buildings to redefine the Alabang landscape will be the Parkway Corporate Center, a slim and sleek 32-storey tower which marked its first concrete pouring last month.

After a decade of BPO buildings, prestigious office towers like Parkway Corporate Center in Filinvest City in Alabang are once again redefining the skyline. Joining Filinvest’s Catherine Ilagan and Daphne Odra-Sanchez (fifth and sixth from left) at the concrete pouring ceremony were Jose Tamesis, Jr., Olympio Caparasof CE CON, consulting engineer Gregorio Origenes, Johnny Tan, Lily Pio Roda, Robert Arcebal, Jr., and Enrico Figueroa.

Less than a kilometer from the Filinvest exit of the South Luzon Expressway, Parkway Corporate Center will set the tone at least for the next decade for this expanding business district, according to Catherine Ilagan, Filinvest EVP.

The 244-hectare business district is currently experiencing a growth spurt following an enhancement of its masterplan and a market relaunch in 2012 and the construction of a number of projects such as a hotel, activities tent, residential and office developments intended to prime activity in the district. The latter includes the expansion of Festival Mall with the addition of foreign brands, retail and dining outlets in a new area.

Ilagan noted that the multidimensional Parkway Corporate Center will not only reflect the new dynamism of Filinvest City but will also serve as corporate offices for the entrepreneurs and professionals fuelling the growth of the area alongside BPOs and multinationals.

Parkway Corporate Center will not only reflect the new dynamism of Filinvest City but will also serve as corporate offices for companies

Office condo
It has been established as a purely office condominium investment for these end-users following the quick take up of Filinvest’s office stock in the last two years.

Juan Serina, principal architect of the project for H1 architecture who also designed projects in Melbourne, Singapore and Dubai, related that the Parkway Corporate Center’s silhouette would easily fit into the skyline of these global capitals.

Serina disclosed that during the day the glass and metal structure will be clearly distinguished by its pointed top or crown. Five podium floors of parking will serve as a base for the strong vertical lines of the building leading to its unusual apex.

Untypical structure
At night, the building’s height and crown will look more dramatic as a result of special lighting. Inside the ground floor lobby, high ceilings and stone walls and floors will likewise capture a global, cosmopolitan vibe. Countertops in wood will provide a focal point while providing warmth to the area. An untypical structure when viewed from the outside, its interior spaces will be efficient and highly functional.

A typical cut is 36 sqm and units can easily be combined should the locator need more space. Low-flow rate fixtures and VRF air-conditioning assure occupants of reasonable energy and utilities bills.

Best of all, many units of the building will have views of the River Park, the surrounding greenery and the clear skies of Southern Metro Manila. On top of that, the Parkway Corporate Center occupant will have access to a podium deck garden which will allow more expansive vistas.

Serina related that building design was inspired by the project’s name. “Parkway” refers to that side of the building on Parkway Avenue which has been designated as an accessible residential enclave of contemporary residential towers and true to its name, will incorporate trees, shrubs and other greenery. At the same time, the project will provide the dynamic corporate setting required by growing enterprises.

Serina is confident that this winning combination will set new standards for offices in the area and the rest of the city.

Source: Manila Bulletin