RC using EFCO panels.

Filinvest Land Inc.’s landmark project in Cagayan de Oro joins in the regional and national celebration of National Science and Technology Week 2016 with the Department of Science and Technology Region 10.

To apprise its unit owners and the general public, One Oasis Cagayan de Oro highlights the technological advances and innovations inherent in its construction among them:

Reinforced Concrete Floor & Wall Building System

• RC System superior to conventional CHB systems
One Oasis Cagayan de Oro (like all One Oasis projects) uses the Reinforced Concrete (RC) Floor and Wall Building System. Unlike concrete hollow blocks, the RC system utilizes a load bearing wall system that eliminates the use of beams and columns, allowing ease in rebar placement and shorter construction time.

• Increased durability
The RC system has a 3,000 psi masonry strength that’s 10 times stronger than conventional system (@350psi) and 4X stronger than load bearing CHB walls (@700psi) making the wall more resilient and structurally sound vs. natural calamities like earthquakes and typhoons.

• Higher Fire Resistance Rating
RC walls have a higher fire-resistance rating compared to ordinary CHB walls.

• Superior heat and sound insulation
RC wall systems are superior to dry-wall partitions in rooms and are better insulators of heat and sound.

Steel Forms

• Greater usable floor area
One Oasis RC system system uses 100mm thick wall compared to 150mm thick CHB wall for conventional type. The use of thinner wall therefore increases the effective floor width a minimum of 50mm (2 inches). Thus a typical room with 7.5 sq.m. floor area and 100mm RC walls will have a 6.44 sq.m. usable floor area vs. 5.94 sq.m. for a conventional room with 150mm walls.

• Aesthetics
The structural system is integral to the wall and floor and eliminates wider columns with beams used only at critical locations. Thisresults to a wall that is flat (lesser edges, nosings and corners). The underslab will also be flat and clear and will not requireadditional ceiling works, resulting to a higher headroom.

• Repels termites, insects and rodents
RC walls have nil to zero voids and cavities through which insects and termites usually infiltrate. Thus, household pests including cockroaches, mice and rats cannot create passages through the poured concrete structure.

One Oasis Cagayan de Oro will eventually have about 1,300 units in five medium-rise condominium buildings. Each condominium building has seven to eight floors of residential units and a roof deck cum laundry area, two elevators for the residential floors and strategically located stairways, connecting all levels.

Each 2-bedroom and 1-bedroom residential unit comes with a balcony and laundry cage for drying. Parking slots for residents are available for sale on a first come, first served basis.

For more details, please visit Filinvest office at the ground floor, Bo’s Café Bldg., Don A. Velez St., 9000 Cagayan de Oro City or contact 0917-305-8888 or check its official page at facebook.com/oneoasis.cagayandeoro

Source: Kagay-an