Open, green areas have been the hallmark feature of modern residential developments. It’s an enduring trend in the last few years, which came as no surprise. As life becomes more and more fast-paced, there’s an undeniable need for people to slow down and connect with something that reminds them of the beauty of life. When you see your mini garden in your condo balcony or the snake plant in your backyard, the life in them renews the sense of life in you as well. 

With nature in our living spaces, we stop and smell the roses, literally.

But more than a relaxing reminder of the good things, nature improves our well-being. This is more important now in the midst of a global health crisis. Your home, the one you stay in for long periods of time, in quarantine, distanced from others, must aptly have touches of nature. If you’re planning to move to a new home, other than the convenient location or the size of the unit, you must consider the availability of nature-oriented spaces within the neighborhood.

With that in your home, nature improves your well-being in these ways:

You’re Less Stressed, More Cheery

In one recent study, scientists found that 10-50 minutes spent in natural spaces can boost mood and prevent stress and depression. Some believe that nature interactions can take the mind off negativities. At a time when there’s so much to be worried about, you need open, green spaces that will ease those anxieties and keep you in a pleasant mood. 

One outstanding residential enclave that boasts of a lot of green spaces is the Italian-themed community Sorrento Oasis by Aspire by Filinvest. The developer dedicated over 60 percent of its land area to open spaces and verdant greens. Even though it’s set in the urban jungle that is Pasig City, residents experience the zen of nature, strolling along the open space. This convenient location in the city contributes to less stress since you can easily reach top-notch schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and major thoroughfares.

Sorrento Oasis – Actual Photo

Sorrento Oasis is a low-density neighborhood. Practicing social distancing when you’re outside the unit wouldn’t take so much effort. In a way, this kind of safe recreational area adds to less stress and more happiness. Here, you can live your dream of an urban oasis.

You’re Stronger, Less Vulnerable to Sickness

There have been numerous studies showing that time spent in nature may reduce the risk for diseases, including diabetes, obesity, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. According to one particular research, the link between nature and better physical health is nature’s ability to improve the immune system’s functions. 

When we commune with nature, the body switches to rest-and-digest mode, which is the opposite of fight-or-flight mode. In the latter, the body shuts down everything that is nonessential to respond to stress better, and this includes the immune system. But in the former, the body spends energy to build immunity. Again, this points to the importance of living near nature. 

At Sorrento Oasis, resort-inspired amenities further improve physical health. This includes the lap pool, the jogging path, fitness gym, bath house, basketball court, and convertible tennis court. It also has a meditation pad, which promotes a sound mind and sound body. 

Sorrento Oasis – Actual Photo

You’re Kinder, More Generous

It may seem like a bit of a stretch to say that nature makes you a better person, but according to one study, the reverential awe that we experience when we interact with the grandeur of nature takes our mind off our selves. As a result, we care more about the interest of others. 

With this attitude, you’re able to power through the stresses of new normal demands, such as helping struggling team members working from home and kids in their distance learning needs. One more advantage to Sorrento Oasis, aside from the verdant greens available all throughout the complex, is that it’s work-from-home ready. The mid-rise condo has units equipped with internet services. Moreover, the units are flexible that you can turn rooms into a work space by day and a sleeping area by night.

Science has proven it time and time again: nature has a positive impact on our well-being. 

When scouting for your next home, look for open, green spaces.  Know more about Sorrento Oasis and the special deals available for this development at Lamudi’s online housing fair.

Source: Lamudi