The 244-ha Filinvest City has all the modern conveniences needed to enhance one’s quality of living.

It was masterplanned for the future, and it’s what made it consistently relevant.

Filinvest City, which was launched in the mid ’90s, has continued to evolve to remain a step ahead and meet the changing needs of its investors.

This development formed part of the vision of Filinvest Group founder Andrew L. Gotianun to provide a masterplanned development that has all the elements necessary to achieve an individual’s desired lifestyle.

Driven to fulfill such vision, the Filinvest Group carried on the task of converting what was once an underutilized stock farm into what it is today—a thriving, fully integrated and self contained community that allows people to thrive.

Work-life balance

Today, Filinvest City is a residential haven, a business central, a leisure destination, and a community that has learning and education zones, as well as a medical and wellness hub.

It is also a mere 15-minute drive from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport via Skyway or South Luzon Expressway, thus making it an even more desirable address for many.

Indeed, this 244-hectare property has all the modern conveniences needed to enhance one’s quality of living, with the end goal of achieving a work-life balance. What’s even better is that the city continues to evolve and grow with the people, ensuring that each and every need will be satisfied.

Highly aware of the dynamic lifestyle in the metropolis, the people behind Filinvest City have thus worked non-stop to ensure that it will remain attuned to the changing times. And not once did it falter on its promise to provide individuals—living or working there—a good quality of life and an enviable working experience.

Enhanced masterplan

And as if it hasn’t done enough, Filinvest again saw the need to reassess the already impressive masterplan of Filinvest City—this time putting in place the best practices in urban planning. The result: an enhanced, future-ready masterplan that is in step with the needs of contemporary city dwellers.

Taking this vision to the next level is a dynamic team headlined by masterplanners from AECOM Singapore, all working together to create a model township to be emulated by others—a smart and green city that promotes well living.

For instance, Filinvest City is further reinforcing its stature as a garden city via the introduction of lush, landscaped parks, bike lanes, and other eco-centric enhancements, as the Filinvest Group is highly aware of the calming and healing benefits that can be derived from nature. These reinforcements were on top of the existing thriving bird habitat, a living creek, a bike trail, and tree-canopied road networks.

“A key element in our plan is the enhancement of existing open spaces into functional ones like parks,” explained Filinvest executive vice president Catherine A. Ilagan.

“We have all the components of a thriving township which we are presently enhancing to make it an even more exciting ‘green’ community,” Ilagan further said.

A lot is in the pipeline to transform Filinvest City into a smart and green city.

Green, smart city

At the heart of this transformation is the innovative “green belt” aptly called the Spectrum Midway Linear Park—a foliage-canopied walkway that spans across the north and south ends of the township, with the goal of making Filinvest City a true pedestrian-friendly community that melds modern structures with the healthy outdoors.

At present, more than half of the Spectrum Midway Linear Park has been completed.

People are already enjoying the close to one kilometer span that is accentuated by tree-lined, landscaped pathways, lighted seating areas, and stimulating outdoor art installations. On some weekends, Spectrum Midway can be closed off to serve as a venue for events.

“We recognize that urban planning is about building a sustainable future. We are eyeing to register Filinvest City in the US Green Building Council’s LEED Certification for Neighborhood Development. Having infrastructure that promote wellness will eventually bring a high quality of life for the community,” Ilagan shared.

“A lot is in the pipeline to transform Filinvest City into a smart city. Basic infrastructure are already present: assured water and electricity supply, sanitation and solid waste management, citizen participation, efficient urban mobility and public transport, safety and security of citizens, and robust IT connectivity.
We are currently in the process of sealing a deal with a telecommunication giant to provide free Wi-Fi access within the whole city,” she added.

Given the myriad of choices that are all aimed at providing a comfortable and enviable lifestyle for residents, locators, and visitors alike, Filinvest City indeed remains to be the most practical choice of investment.