What are the differences between pre-selling and RFO condominiums?

  1. What is Pre-Selling?
  2. Advantages of Pre-Selling
  3. Challenges of Pre-Selling
  4. What Is RFO?
  5. Advantages of RFO
  6. Challenges of RFO

Interested in living in a condo in Makati amidst the Philippines’ financial hub? Well, you will most likely encounter the terms “pre-selling” and “ready-for-occupancy”. These terms refer to the types of condominiums available on the market. In order to find the best deal for your future home, take into consideration the advantages and challenges involved with both types. Professional real estate developers such as Aspire by Filinvest offer both pre-selling and ready-for-occupancy condominium units around the city of Makati. 

Want to learn more about pre-selling and RFO condominiums? Read on!

What is Pre-Selling?

Pre-selling, in terms of the real estate industry, refers to condominium units that are sold before its completion. Real estate developers may choose to start selling units as early as the construction phase or even during the planning stages. Read on to learn about the advantages of pre-selling condominiums.

Advantages of Pre-Selling

In order to sell more units before the construction has finished, pre-selling condos usually offer something new. Take a look at Aspire by Filinvest’s 100 West in Pio del Pilar. This condominium would offer you the chance to live in a mixed-use development situated right beside the Makati Business District. As of May 2019, this property has already reached more than 75% of its completion. However, Aspire by Filinvest has decided to open up the units for pre-selling in order to help you secure your spot in this one-of-a-kind property.

In order to better weigh your options, you should also be aware of the challenges of pre-selling condo units.

Challenges of Pre-Selling

The challenges of pre-selling condominium units usually involve your reaction to the final product. One of the challenges of pre-selling condominium units is that buyers are not able to examine the physical property itself before choosing to invest.  This opens up the possibility that the final product may look different from what you originally envisioned. However, this would not be the case if you chose to invest in a professional real estate developer such as Aspire by Filinvest.

Besides pre-selling condominium units, you also have the option to invest in ready-for-occupance types of properties.

What Is RFO?

If the condominium units are still left unsold after construction has been completed, they will then be considered RFOs. Ready-For-Occupancy (RFO) refers to ready-made condominium units that are just waiting for occupancy. Once the purchase has been finalized, you will immediately be able to move in — the primary advantage of pre-sold units. Read on to learn more about the other benefits of RFO properties.  

Advantages of RFO

RFOs are safe options in terms of investment as you are guaranteed the quality of the condominium unit before finalizing your purchase. This is ideal for investors who would prefer to physically critique a property before purchasing it. It is also ideal for those looking to quickly move into their very own condo unit. 

When exploring potential condominiums, make sure to thoroughly inspect its amenities and facilities to personally observe its quality. Aspire by Filinvest’s The Linear in San Antonio is home to a number of high-quality facilities that you can enjoy. Such amenities include a multi-purpose covered court and a fitness center to help you reach your health goals. Other facilities found within the complex are meant for more recreational purposes, such as their game room and a 25-meter lap pool. 

In order to better decide the most ideal option for you, it is also important to know about the challenges of RFO units.

Challenges of RFO

One of the main challenges of RFO is that those who chose to avail the pre-selling services may have already gotten the better units. This would reduce your chances of living in a condo unit with the best view and location. However, if you choose to invest in a unit from a trusted real estate developer such as Aspire by Filinvest, any unit you choose will definitely exceed your standards.

These are just some of the characteristics of pre-selling and RFO condominiums that you should take note of while looking for your dream condo in Makati.

Key Takeaway

Both a pre-sold and a ready-for-occupancy condo in Makati each have their own set of advantages and challenges. While pre-selling condominiums can give you the luxury of choosing your ideal unit, it may also drastically change during the construction process. On the other hand, while RFO condominiums are already ready-made for you to live in, their selling prices are significantly higher than those of pre-sold units.  

Now that you have acquired more information about each one, it will be up to you to decide if you would rather invest in a pre-selling condominium unit such as at Aspire by Filinvest’s 100 West or if you would rather invest in an RFO condominium unit such as at Aspire by Filinvest’s The Linear.

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