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Everyone dreams of a spacious home. Imagine waking up to a bright space where you have enough room for bonding, your passions, and the expression of your aesthetic. Even those who live in a smaller home aspire for more space and brightness. If you are one of them, don’t worry. We have a couple of tips to make your interiors look bigger. If you’re planning to own and move into an expansive home, a house and lot for sale in Tarlac is a great choice.

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Big or small – a spacious interior layout can make an entire world of difference. Below, here’s a look at some rearranging and other interior hacks you could do for an airy-looking home.

Begin decluttering

As prominent Japanese home consultant and TV personality Marie Kondo once said, “A clean and organized home can spark a sense of everyday joy among the people who live there.”

Home decluttering

This is the easiest step in making your home a little more spacious. Begin by walking from room to room and putting non-essential things away, such as random boxes, papers, old toys, and other unused items, into an organizer. If you no longer need these things, you can gift them or donate them to charity. That way, you get to pass on the joy that you’ve begun sparking in your abode.

Utilize cabinets and other existing storage space

Storage can be considered an art of its own. There are plenty of ways you can put things on shelves or stack objects together instead of laying them on furniture or the floor. For instance, you can use multifunctional furniture to optimize your interior space further. Consider chairs, tables, and desks that have their own storage spaces to keep all your knick-knacks in (pull-out tray tables could be a start!).

Better yet, you might want to utilize shelves and cabinets in the living room, bedroom, and kitchen, so fewer objects get in your way. This goes especially for the things you don’t use every day, so spaces such as chests and cupboards could come in handy.

Home interior mirrors

Use mirrors

Here’s another home staging hack: trick the eye so it thinks it has more space by using large mirrors. They create the illusion of doubling the size of your room by bringing in more light. Interior designers themselves recommend floor-length mirrors or placing mirrors near windows so more natural light reflects in your home.

Harness the magic of good lighting

Pair your mirrors with strategically placed lighting and your space will look superior. Place multiple light sources in dark corners and spread them out around the room. For example, you can have two or three lamps in your space instead of simply having one light source at the center.

Spacious home arrangement

Arrange your furniture in an angular manner

Another way you could create the illusion of a larger space is by arranging some furniture pieces, such as sofas and side tables, diagonally. This type of rearrangement will naturally draw the eyes to the center, which is why we recommend also having a focal point in your room, like a decorative centerpiece or coffee table.

Prioritize large pieces and work smaller items around them

For example, in your bedroom, your bed should be the top priority in terms of rearranging. Think about where it will fit into your space, and work smaller pieces around it, like lamps, artwork, and side tables. This principle also applies to other kinds of furniture such as dining tables, sofas, and even big appliances like refrigerators and washers.

Moreover, you should also direct foot traffic around seating by keeping paths free of obstacles, particularly for rooms with two doors or passageways.

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