Do you remember back when you and your siblings were so looking forward to weekends that you eagerly wait for the gentle chirping of the birds by your window that seemingly beguiles you to run outside and play? That distinct scent of freshly-cut grass, the cool breeze under the shade of dew-laced trees — all transport you back to squeals of laughter shared with the family. Oh, those easy, sun-kissed days!

Ever wished you can turn back time to enjoy it all over again? Or better yet, find opportunities for your kids to relish in a similarly spirited childhood. Recreate old memories while cherishing new fun moments with the entire family by trying these out at your own expansive backyard.

Cook up a delectable feast

Organize a DIY garden picnic with your family and be impressed with each one’s specialty. Even your kids can join the cooking fun – banana pancakes, tuna turnover, and sugar-coated sweet potato are as easy as pie! Above all else, what’s more fun than discovering each family member’s hidden skills?

Take flight

Teach your little one to fly a kite! In the 80’s and 90’s, afternoon skies were made extra vibrant with kites of different colors and sizes as kids chased the wind to keep up with the flight. Indeed, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of watching something soar! Relive your childhood with your kids.

Walk your pet (yes, even the big ones)

Let those pudgy fluffy paws walk on the earth and greens! Dogs take pleasure in walking outdoors to sniff and engage with their environment, exercise, and perhaps socialize with people and fellow dogs. Go out and chase nature’s wonders with them!

Find your inner peace

Spread your mat; flex your muscles; breathe in; breathe out. Indeed, peace and quiet is not hard to attain when it’s right at your doorstep! Allow yourself to relax as you practice those asanas and deepen those stretches.

Grow your own garden

Get the kids involved and put your green thumb to work! Whether you’re planting flowers to brighten up your yard, herbs for your gourmet dishes, or vegetables to add color and “health-ify” your diet, growing a garden can be a ton of fun and learning for everyone!

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