As an aspiring condo owner, how do you want to live in the future? 

During the pandemic, property owners have had their realizations about where and how they want to thrive in their day-to-day lives. Factors such as proximity to supermarkets, banks, and other daily essentials have become more important. A neighborhood’s density, spaciousness, and green features emerged in the forefront, too, as well as security and enforcement of new normal safety protocols.

Buying a condo

Fortunately, mid-rise condo communities such as a condo for sale in Cagayan de Oro provide these features for modern dwellers such as yourself.

One Oasis Cagayan de Oro

A mid-rise condo community that inspires healthy living and well-being – dedicating 60% of its property to resort-style amenities, lush open spaces, and smartly designed buildings with internet-ready studio, 1-bedroom, and 2-bedroom condo units.

Location : Rosario Limketkai Avenue, Brgy. Camaman-an, Cagayan de Oro
Unit area : 22 — 32 sqm ±

If you want to jumpstart a refreshing condo lifestyle in the new normal, here’s a checklist of things to consider.

Consider the lifestyle you want in the new normal

Assess your needs, interests, and passions. Are you a plant parent? Would you be the type to host dinners, parties, and get-togethers?

Perhaps you’re the kind who wants a cozy, dynamic, and low-maintenance lifestyle? Then moving into a condo might be the right choice for you. Condo living is very convenient in that you wouldn’t have to worry much about your home and community’s upkeep, especially if you’re always on the go and not the handy type.

Think about the residential layout, its amenities, and how they can provide the breathability you need

Condo communities offer a wide range of amenities that provide comfort and convenience right at the neighborhood.

Condo in Cagayan de Oro

One Oasis Cagayan de Oro Amenities

When searching for the ideal residential enclave, make a wish list of the features and amenities you want for a healthy and green lifestyle. It can be something as simple as having a pool and park (which not only offer refreshing recreation but also good investment value) or something as essential as having fewer neighbors on a floor.

This is important particularly today, as social distancing measures have influenced the way people move about. When you can, try to find a mid-rise condo development for that perfect mix of efficient city living and community exclusivity.

If you prefer a low-density community with spacious open spaces and resort-style amenities, look no further than One Oasis Cagayan de Oro.

Check if units are remote work-friendly

Internet connection is now essential with the advent of work-from-home and remote learning arrangements.

Fortunately, condo communities have the advantage of being located at the center, allowing its residents to enjoy the services of the country’s top internet providers.

That is one of the factors of a remote work-friendly condo unit. Another is your home’s flexibility. One Oasis CDO not only enjoys a reliable internet connection but its units are also smartly designed, maximizing every square meter so you have more space for growth.

Think about the returns that you could get from your investment

Here’s the thing:

The act of getting a condo isn’t just a purchase, it’s an investment.

Condo buying tips

If you want to make the most out of the property you aspire to have, take a look at the different factors that could influence its value. Being in a prime location near commercial establishments and major roads is one and so is the market you’re putting your hard-earned money into (just think about how many buyers are pouring into the area and if it’s poised to thrive further into the future). The developer of the property weighs a lot too.

One Oasis CDO is thoughtfully crafted by Aspire by Filinvest, with over 50 years of experience in the real estate industry and managed with expert care by its own Property Management Team, so you can live in comfort and peace of mind.

Assess the condo’s safety features such as security, doors, locks, windows, and exits

Speaking of property management, remember that safety comes first. Make sure to check the community’s security measures. Do they have 24/7 security at the guardhouse and perimeter fence with CCTVs to look over the area? When it comes to your unit, double-check the doors and windows if they could handle potential security issues and how much noise they can block from the outdoors.

Also, make your own assessment about the building itself. Are the hallways clean? Do the elevators work properly? This ensures you’re settling down in a safe and secure home.

Cagayan de Oro condo for sale

One Oasis Cagayan de Oro Facade

If you think a condo is the best choice for you and your loved ones, you’ll be excited to know that Aspire by Filinvest has the One Oasis Cagayan de Oro, a Balinese-inspired condo community designed to make you feel at ease with its relaxing, nature-oriented design and wide, open spaces. Come find everything you need at this low-density residential enclave fit for a quality new normal lifestyle.

Let your best life unfold with your loved ones with Aspire by Filinvest, a brand by one of the most trusted real estate developers in the country. Talk to our property specialist for more details on how you could get your very own One Oasis Cagayan de Oro condominium. Call us at (02) 8-850-0888 and (0917) 545-7788.

Aspire by Filinvest lets you live your dream life with all the space and greens you need – whether you’re in the heart of the city or thriving in the suburbs. Greening the way forward, Filinvest continues to build the Filipino dream with sustainable, future-forward principles that ensure healthy and quality living in the new normal and beyond. Click here to explore our mid-rise communities nationwide.