Buying a home and upgrading your lifestyle is one of the major life decisions you can ever make. Before making the leap, you must consider several factors and check-ups. 

Lot for sale Butuan

If you are thinking of a quiet yet bustling city in the south where you can make the most out of your investment, a house and lot for sale in Butuan should be at the top of your list.

Located in the Caraga region of Northern Mindanao, it is a city with over a millennium of history, established long before the Philippines ever came to be. It possesses immense trade links from its founding until today, where it serves as the premier economic hub of the Caraga region. 

Here are five signs settling in a home in the countryside is worth making happen – especially in Butuan.

You have stable sources of income

Take a look at your current career situation. Whether you are an employee or a business owner, ask yourself, “Are my career and income security ensured for at least the next few years?” 

If the answer is “yes,” then you are in a strong financial position to buy a home. It would be better if you have multiple income streams, too, and looking forward to the prospect of a higher income.

You have a healthy savings account

Here’s the thing:

Robust savings and investments accounts – aside from your emergency funds – are key to a hassle-free homeownership journey. Having these shows that you have a good habit of saving, you are forward-looking, and capable of paying a mortgage comfortably.

You are ready to settle down

Maybe you are at the stage of life where you’re ready to make the leap from renting to buying. If you think you are ready to commit to stability and settle down in a certain locale, then you might be ready to purchase a home.

One question you should ask yourself is, “Do I see myself flourishing in this area for at least five years?” If yes, you’re good to go.

You are raising your family

Beginning to raise a family? You might want to move to a place surrounded by nature, where your little ones can stay healthy, enjoy fresh air, and play in wide, open spaces. Butuan can offer such an experience for you and your family, particularly in a safe and secure residential community – like Filinvest Homes Butuan

Filinvest Homes Butuan for sale
Filinvest Homes Butuan Gate and Guardhouse

The first themed residential subdivision in the city, Filinvest Homes Butuan offers verdant open spaces with refreshing amenities where your enjoyment is guaranteed – like a clubhouse, playground, swimming pool, and picnic area. Here, you have more venues where you and your family can share more of life’s precious moments. A basketball court and landscaped park with benches are also available for when you want to break a sweat or reconnect with nature.

Centrally located in Brgy. Baan, Filinvest Homes Butuan is within convenient distance to key Butuan landmarks. Urios College, St. Joseph Cathedral, M. J. Santos Hospital, Gaisano Mall, and other essential hubs are within easy reach.

You cherish quality new normal living

Choosing a place to settle down in is a decision also driven by the quality of life. Being a first-class, highly urbanized city, Butuan offers many opportunities for you and your family to thrive and enjoy life. It is the gateway to trade in the region, registering high economic growth rates, especially in the service industry. You can get everything you need here with its array of excellent educational, medical, and commercial choices.

For instance, all the major malls are here, you are practically spoilt for choice. Education is also top-notch, as major institutions such as Caraga State University and Father Saturnino Urios University are here, which is renowned especially for their nursing, agriculture, fishery, and engineering programs.

In need of medical help? Caraga’s best hospitals are located in Butuan as well, with Butuan Doctors’ Hospital and Butuan Medical Center being the leading medical institutions in the region. 

Transportation-wise, Butuan is also well connected, with a newly upgraded airport that has air links with Manila and Cebu, along with two seaports that make travel and trade easier with neighboring provinces.

Ready to buy a lot in Butuan?

Thinking of finally settling down and investing in a home in Butuan? You’ve got your best chance of getting ahead even further with Filinvest Homes Butuan. You can rest assured here as this project is thoughtfully crafted by Aspire by Filinvest, a trusted brand known for providing upwardly mobile Filipino families with new normal-ready homes in highly accessible locations.

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